A Neighbor Boy Masturbates in Front of My Kids! A Dad Asks for Help

Recently we received a difficult question from a father with young children about a young neighbor boys who masturbates in public. We asked therapist, author, and father, Geoff Steurer, to provide a measured and practical answer for parents who may want to give their kids more information about the potential downsides of masturbation. Geoff approaches this topic from the belief that the best purpose for sex is to bond two people together within a committed relationship like marriage.

Question from a Protect Young Minds dad

There is a seven-year-old neighbor boy who openly masturbates (humping the ground with his clothes on) in front of our kids. We have restricted our kids’ playtime with this neighbor to supervised outside play, and very limited, at that. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any resources, articles, books or blogs that talk about childhood masturbation problems to give to our neighbors with this issue.…

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