iPad Safety Features Parents Are CRAZY Not to Use

Are you using the iPad safety features? iPads are awesome, but like other mobile devices, they can lead curious kids to bad places on the internet or to inappropriate apps.

Here’s just one story to illustrate how important these controls can be. A 3 year old was exposed to hardcore porn while innocently using an iPad. She was sitting on the couch right next to her mom (who was on her phone) playing a game. Suddenly the little girl cried out. Looking down, her mom was horrified to see a hard core porn video involving bestiality.

How in the world did her daughter find that? Who knows! Sadly it’s way too easy to stumble upon the dark parts of the internet, even if you’re an innocent 3 year old!

Here’s a simple way to hand over your iPad or iPhone to your child and still have control over how…

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Protect Young Minds is an organisation that seeks to empower parents, professionals and community leaders to protect young kids from pornography, and promote healing from any sexual exploitation. Visit protectyoungminds.org for more information.

Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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