Trouble Enforcing Family Tech Rules? Stay on Track with the 4 Cs

Setting and enforcing rules — especially online safety ones — can feel close to impossible at times. But there are a few hacks that have helped me stay the course. Like the four Cs, for instance: Consistency, calm, courage, and confession.

Consistency helps in setting and enforcing rules, being calm comes in handy when an argument escalates, courage keeps me keep going when I want to quit the whole parenting thing, and confession helps me apologize to my kids the times I’m in the wrong.

Note that I haven’t mastered these Four Cs — or even a few of them — but they’ve each served me well as I attempt to monitor devices, set tech limits, and handle digital messes along the way.

Monitoring (and enforcing family rules in general) can feel like a chore or even a battle at times but stay the course, parents, because it matters. The alternative is no rules

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