3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Child a Smart Phone

My daughter is entering the 8th grade at a new school and my husband and I are deciding whether or not it’s time to give her a smart phone of her own. Of course she wants one, but the real question for us is, does she need one?

With all the flexible plans and multi-phone discounts available today, it may be easy and affordable to add a smart phone line for our child. However, there are some important issues we need to consider before making this decision.
Here are some key questions to ask yourself before buying your child a smart phone:

Is it worth the added expense?
 If you already have an unlimited phone plan, this may not be as big a problem. Even so, you must consider how frequently your child may access high bandwidth data, like YouTube videos, while using their phone. You may also want additional

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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