Data Service Providers Bear a Critical Responsibility in Safeguarding Student Privacy

Schools and school districts have always relied on service providers to help them make the best use of their data. And parents want data! In recent polling of parents across the country conducted by the Data Quality Campaign and the Harris Poll, 91% of parents polled who do not have information about whether their child is on track to graduate wish they did and 9 of 10 parents said they rely on data to understand how their child is progressing in school. Providing parents the data they want—and deserve—must always go hand-in-hand with keeping data private and secure. As the trusted partners of many schools and educators, service providers bear a critical responsibility in safeguarding student data.

So how can service providers do this?

1. Establish data governance, policies, and practices

Privacy and security policies are often where service providers start when thinking about using data responsibly. And

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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