Parent stories: Peer pressure to get kids the latest smartphones as they start school

Like many parents, Ali made the decision to give her kids mobile phones when they started secondary school, read how she cope with the challenges she experienced.

The move to senior school involved the children getting public buses, finding the right stop and getting to school on time – all things that had the potential to go wrong. “For me, I felt the phone was so important,” Ali explains. “There have been occasions where they missed the bus after school, and I needed to go and collect them.”

Staying in touch on the move

To begin with, Ali put family numbers into the kids’ phones, and set parental blocks to ensure they couldn’t download apps without entering a code that only Ali knew. “At first, it was just a case of ensuring they could contact me, their Dad or grandparents in an emergency.”

At 13

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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