Pedophiles Hunt Kids in Popular Gaming Chat Rooms

Police who specialize in internet crimes against children are warning parents about the dangers of gaming chat rooms. Pedophiles know children can easily be lured into a chat room, where they can begin the grooming process.

“Parents need to know that online predators are sophisticated–it’s like a job to them and they work at it” warned a Seattle police detective in a recent meeting to educate parents.

The ability to chat with other players exists in all online games: Roblox, Minecraft, Xbox, Playstation and many more. Chat rooms are game features that allow players to hold private conversations. (Any parent can guess why this could be a risky situation for kids.)

Roblox game gone bad

Recently a dad and former rugby player from the UK, Iain Morrison, found “vile messages from a predator” on the Roblox game that his 8 year old son played on an iPad. Roblox is

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