Screen time – Setting strict rules and getting the balance right

Mum of three offers insight into her strict regime on screen time during the holidays and potential pressure points.

Jacinta Zechariah believes that children need rules when it comes to screen time over the holidays. “I have three children and I use a mixture of agreement and rules,” she explains. “I’m happy to be one of THOSE Mums, and if they’ve done their homework and chores, they can have their screen time.”

House rules on screen time

The household has some very strict rules around how much screen time is allowed, and where. “There are no screens in bed, only books, and the amount of screen time they get depends on their age,” Jacinta says.

Sometimes the rules don’t go down well, especially with Jacinta’s youngest, who complains that he gets less time than his brother and sister. The main challenge is managing screen time

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