Free tickets to performance of ‘Plays on the Internet’ created in collaboration with Konnie Huq and Plusnet

Together with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, Plusnet and the extraordinary theatre company Chickenshed we’ve created three plays to help bring life some of the digital challenges facing young people today.

This is a unique opportunity to see young people performing plays written with their input to offer insight into three main issues; online grooming, online reputation and cyberbullying.

Plays on the Internet Giveaway

For one night only, the plays will be performed by actors from the Chickenshed theatre company and we’ve got three pairs of free tickets to giveaway.

If you are a parent and would like to come along with a guest to be moved, entertained and leave with more insight about the online issues that children face, please send us an email to to be in with a chance.

The tickets will be given on a first come first serve basis so you’ve got to get in quickly. We will get in touch with the lucky winners as soon as all of them have gone.

The performance will take place on Monday 30th April at 6.30 at Chickenshed Theatre, 290 Chase Side, London, N14 4PE.

Outline of the plays

Never trust an Alien – A play about Online Grooming for an audience aged 8 – 11

It’s the year 2090 and space travel is a new way of life, with many missions in progress
to discover life away from Earth. While the minds of the population might be on other
planets, the risks of talking to strangers online can be much closer to home than it seems

The Ghost of the Internet – A play about Cyberbullying for an audience aged 11 – 14

In 2029, the use of technology is at an all-time high a But the most influential people on social media are no intentions, and one pupil at the E-cademy risks using is set to change following a visit from three ghosts…

Say what you mean, and mean what you say – A play about Online Reputation for an audience aged 14 – 17

A pair of lifelong friends both receive their first mobile phones together on their 14th birthday. With their lives fully documented online, how will their digital decisions affect their future, and will they use the internet for good?

More to explore

Here are more resources and links to learn more about organisations behind the plays:

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