Zoom Safely with these simple tips

So we’re a nation of Zoomers.
Everybody and their dog is using Zoom at the moment. Of course,
Video-conferencing/Meet up service Zoom has now come increasingly under fire,
for privacy and security issues, as normally happens when an app or platform
becomes popular. 

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a
rush to use the platform and with popularity come some negatives.  Zoom is experiencing some trolling or ‘zoom
bombing’ as it’s now known.

Zoom grew from 10 Million users
in December 2019 to a pandemic home-working 200 Million!

Our Guide below helps you
keep safe while Zooming.  Hackers are
using malware which guesses ID’s then entering to disrupt meetings. Make it
harder for them to do this with the 7 Tips below:

  • Don’t share your link or Meeting ID on social
    media.  Keep it secure.
  • Always use a Per Meeting ID ie a unique ID per meeting.
  • Use a strong password
  • Set meeting to ‘Host Only’. The default ‘All participants’ has allowed hackers in.
  • Use ‘Waiting Room’ so you can verify who’s entering.
  • Use ‘Mute Participants on Entry’
  • Turn off ‘Virtual Background’ in case anyone is
    tempted to share something which isn’t appropriate.

Stay safe and enjoy Zooming!


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Wayne Denner is a speaker, author and expert on Online Reputation and Wellbeing. Wayne helps young people protect and improve their digital presence. Visit waynedenner.com for more information.

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