Do you know what your kids are doing online?

7 out of 10 teenagers
hide their online activity from their parents (2012 survey)

93% of boys & 61% of girls are exposed to pornography before 18 (2008 survey)

If you want to learn how to Protect Your Kids online,
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Smart Parents Dig Deeper Than Clickbait

We’ve all seen it – that family at the café, heads down, scrolling on screens. Tsk tsk! We judge instantly and bemoan a loss of connection with nostalgic memories of how we used to play cricket in the street and talk to each other instead. Cue the...

Artificial Intelligence: Friend Or Foe?

The future of cyber safety and personal development lies in the partnership between humans and machines. While our primary interactions with the digital world today may be through our PCs, laptops, smartphones, and smart watches, in the future they will become much...

Defend Dignity, Ending Sexual Exploitation in Canada

I recently had the chance to catch up with our friend and ally, Glendyne Gerrard, of Defend Dignity in Canada.  Defend Dignity has a campaign called “Choose Change” modeled after our Dirty Dozen List, in which they identify organizations and...

Free resources for teachers

We look at some of the free resources available to help teachers with their digital footprint as well as information about where to go if they need advice.

Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

Ashley Judd and several other women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment over the course of several decades. Following a New York Times report detailing the allegations, Weinstein issued an apology, but subsequently threatened to sue...

ClassFlow Earns iKeepSafe Student Privacy Certifications

Software in Compliance with FERPA and SOPIPA (SEATTLE – October 5, 2017) – ClassFlowTM, the next-generation of lesson delivery software, was recognized by iKeepSafe, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, for its compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy...

Pornography and Sex Trafficking Are Linked: Take It From the FBI

We got a call a while back that I think you’d like to know about. One of our donors called our President Patrick Trueman to praise our work exposing the connection between pornography and sex trafficking. This caller works for the FBI and deals with sex...

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