A new year, a new computer and a new reason to update your security

After three weeks back at school I think my head has finally stopped spinning! Our family is now well and truly into the swing of the school term.  So what better time for a new age Cybermum to play with the new toy Santa left under the Christmas tree – my shiny, sleek, stylish, fast and most importantly WORKING computer!  A new computer brings with it much intrigue and opportunity, not just for mum and dad but also the kids!

Now I have begun to realise just how well set up my old computer was; it had all the necessary settings for me to feel sure that my family was safe while they played on the wild, wild web. Now, with this new computer, I’ve had to start over.

So this got me thinking: I’m surely not the only person who was fortunate enough to get a new computer these…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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