Facebook Password Spam: Don’t open that attachment

My friend Marlynn received an email from Facebook saying that her password had been reset this week.  The cool thing was that after reading the email, she opened a new web browser to Facebook (maybe after reading my blog ), typed in her current username and password to test it and it still worked!  

She has continued to receive seven more of the same emails since then.  In her words “I never open those things” – Smart woman! And according to McAfee Labs, you shouldn’t open any attachments or links from odd looking emails either.  They wanted to alert you about this global threat that is currently targeting Facebook users worldwide.

Here is how this scam goes down…

First, you receive an email from a scammer that looks like it is from Facebook (it’s not!). They tell you that your password has been reset and that you need to…

Read the full article at mcafee.com

Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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