Worms, Zombies, Spyware, & Trojans – sounds like something out of Dr Who!

No, it’s not last Sunday’s Dr Who episode!  I’m talking about some of the really nasty stuff that can happen to your family’s computer.  As a kid I was petrified of the Daleks, but as an adult this kind of stuff is just as scary, particularly if you don’t understand the “lingo” so here’s Cybermum’s take to make it easier to understand.

Spyware – is a wide range of unwanted programs that infect your computer.  It has the potential to steal your personal information such as credit card and financial details, and send them to a third party for malicious use. It could also monitor your usage such as internet searches, detecting trends and/or patterns for future marketing spam.

Spam ­– I can assure you this one doesn’t come out of a tin!  Spam is unwanted and unrequested electronic messages such as email.  There are many types of spam, but…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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