Identity Theft Consumer Education is Paramount

Credit card companies, banks, financial advisors, retailers, hospitals, insurance companies, and just about every other industry and organization that deals with finances has been affected by identity theft.

All these entities have to deal with fraud at some level. For some it’s an occasional nuisance and for others it’s a part of their daily grind. Most have heavily invested in multiple layers of security, but all remain targets. Each has its own set of issues to overcome and each copes with the same underlying constant: the consumer is often the most vulnerable variable in the equation.

Joe and Sally Main Street generally offer the path of least resistance when a scam is launched. Everything from phishing emails, spoofed websites, un-patched or unprotected PCs, open wireless connections, lack of attention to statements, not shredding data, carrying too much information in a wallet, and overall lack of attention to personal security allows…

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