My New Year’s Resolutions – Eat Less, Exercise More, Be Cyber Safety Aware!

 I love the beginning of a new year – it holds all sorts of opportunities for us, but unfortunately it also poses some great opportunities for cybercriminals, according to the McAfee Labs’ 2011 Threat Predictions report.

I’ve always taken some comfort in knowing that my family Mac was less susceptible to some of the cyber nasties floating around in cyberspace, and that my family was less prone to virus and malware attacks – I felt we were somewhat protected!   But I’m afraid that my bubble has just been burst with a report released from McAfee Labs last week – 2011 Threat Predictions – which list among others the Mac OS X platform as a potential target for cybercriminals!

So what warnings are in this report and what does it mean for me and my family?

Social media, mobile devices, Mac OS X, Internet TV and hacktivism, are just some of…

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