The 6 Types of Identity Theft

#1 New Account Fraud

Using another’s personal identifying information to obtain products and services using that person’s good credit standing.  This fraud often requires use of the victim’s Social Security number. Opening new utility, cell phone and/or credit card accounts are the most prevalent forms of new account fraud.

#2 Account Takeover Fraud

Using another person’s account numbers, such as a credit card number, to obtain products and services using that person’s existing accounts or extracting funds from a person’s bank account.

#3 Criminal Identity Theft

Someone commits a crime under another person’s name. The thief, in the act of the crime or upon arrest, poses as the identity theft victim. Often the perpetrator will have a fake ID with the victim’s information but the imposter’s picture.

#4 Medical Identity Theft

The deadliest form of identity theft.  Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses a person’s name and/or insurance information—without…

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