Most Unwanted Criminals: Dumpster Divers, Sly Spies, and War Drivers

There is no shortage of bad guys, identity thieves, and hackers trying to separate you from your money. They range from previously discussed pickpockets, Trojan viruses, and ATM skimmers to dumpster divers, spies, and wireless hackers.

Dumpster Diver Dan is a liar who poses as a garbage man and turns trash into cash. Dan dives into dumpsters and trashcans seeking financial statements, credit card applications, and any other personally identifiable information he can piece together. Once the puzzle is complete, he may have enough data to take over existing accounts or create new ones in your name.

Invest in a quality crosscut shredder and shred everything with any information that can be used against you.  Names, account numbers, statements etc. Consider turning off paper statements and going entirely digital. Invest in identity protection, too, because even if you shred sensitive documents, your accountant, school, or doctor may toss your data…

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