Spear Phishing Leaves a Bloody Wound

Once criminal hackers get a person’s username and email address, they can begin to launch a targeted spear phish scam. Scammers copy the design of each breached entities outgoing email campaign and blast the breached list with “account update” or other ruses.

Gaming site Sega Pass was hacked. On the Sega Pass website it states, “we had identified that unauthorized entry was gained to our Sega Pass database.” Numerous outlets report hackers stole Sega Pass members’ email addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords.

The recent Epsilon data breach resulted in a similar loss of data. Epsilon is a marketing company that sends over 40 billion emails a year, and keeps millions of consumer email addresses on file. When hackers breached Epsilon’s database, the email subscriber lists for over 100 major companies were compromised.

Consumers received breach notifications from financial institutions including Citigroup, Capital One, and JPMorgan Chase, and from…

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