What Identity Theft Protection Is and Is Not

To all you security companies out there, listen up: “identity theft protection” has become an overused and abused marketing term, which is often used to sell a product or service that doesn’t actually protect users from identity theft. It’s like labeling food “natural” when we know it’s not “organic.” It’s incorrect at best and a lie at worst.

Every security company on the planet claims to protect identities. But a firewall is not identity theft protection. An encrypted thumb drive is not identity theft protection. Antivirus software is not identity theft protection. One could argue that phishing alerts count as identity theft protection, but not really. Do these tools protect your identity? Sort of.

A true identity theft protection service monitors your identity by checking your credit reports and scanning the Internet for your personal information. It looks out for your Social Security number, and if something goes wrong, an…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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