Guide To Online Banking Safety for Carefree, Confident, and Conservative Consumers

A recent poll revealed that 54% of U.S. consumers said the theft of their personal or financial information worried them more than losing their job or not having healthcare for their family members.[1]

Their worry is not unfounded. As President Obama recently acknowledged, while the Internet has transformed how we communicate and do business, “it has also led to new challenges, like online fraud and identity theft, that harm consumers and cost billions of dollars each year.”

Today, there are more ways than ever that financial information can be compromised, from offline methods such as dumpster diving and stolen laptops to email scams, fake banking sites known as phishing scams, and data breaches like the one Sony recently experienced with PlayStation.

Despite the dangers, consumers continue to embrace the anytime, anywhere convenience of online banking. In fact, only 4% of U.S. households used online banking in 2004, but by 2010…

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