The 6th Scam of Xmas – Mac Scams

For the sixth scam of Christmas, the criminals gave to me, Mac scams!

Many Mac users (I think) still do not think this affects them. However, Mac Malware increases by 10% every month. As I have said many times before, where the people go – criminals follow. Apple’s increase in market share has made them a target for scams and malware.

As with all scams, just a bit of education goes a long way to help spot these scams and not become the next victim. If you use a Mac, here is what you need to know:

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:

1. Download Mac updates as soon as they’re available, so you’re protected from these latest threats.

2. Never download or click on anything from an unknown source.

3. When searching the web, use the safe search tool like McAfee SiteAdvisor®, which tells you if a site is…

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