5 Digital New Year’s Resolutions For Parents

McAfee recently distributed a press release and the line that caught my eye was, “Now is the time for parents to model good behavior and etiquette.”  This wasn’t something you’d normally expect to see from a major security company, so intrigued, I read on.

Instruction in etiquette and good behavior is something we could all probably use a little more of. And when I read McAfee’s “5 New Year’s Resolutions,” I realized that even though I have young children, I ought to brush up on some digital etiquette myself. It’s not too late to do your resolutions or start news ones or just brush up on your online safety.

McAfee suggests that parents begin the New Year with resolutions that address their own behavior, so they can model best practices for kids and teens:

When I’m with my children, I pledge not to spend more than 10% of the time on…

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