Android Malware Continues To Be On The Rise, But Take Caution Before Jumping To Conclusions

In light of recent reports of malware surfacing on the Android Market, McAfee has compiled tips and education on the reality of mobile malware threats. A third quarter 2011 security report revealed that malware targeted toward Android smartphones continues to be on the rise, with the Android OS solidifying its lead as the primary target for new mobile malware in 2011. The amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped nearly 37 percent from the second quarter, putting 2011 on track to be the busiest in mobile and general malware history. Nearly all new mobile malware in Q3 was targeted at Android, following a 76 percent rise in Android malware in Q2 of 2011.

That being said, the Android.Tonclank and affected Android apps may have intrusive advertising but ultimately any true maliciousness posed by the apps is questionable, according to McAfee Labs. Though certainly any data lost or extruded without…

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