Cross-Device Security Means “All Access”

You may have a laptop, desktop, netbook, notebook, Ultrabook, tablet, Mac, or mobile phone. You might be single, married, or have ten kids. Either way, you probably have at least one, if not six or more, devices requiring comprehensive security. My family of four has 12 devices, all of which I do my best to lock down like the digital equivalent of Fort Knox.

In order to manage multiple devices “cross-platform,” wherein one device may run Mac OS X while another runs Windows, while your phone is completely different, you need a security solution that is comprehensive, affordable, and straightforward.

PC Magazine selected McAfee All Access for its Editors’ Choice Award, scoring the product with 4.5 stars out of 5 and praising the thoroughness of the protection offered, for any and all devices an individual or a household might own.

McAfee All Access Wins Editors’ Choice Award

In contrast to traditional…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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