Posting Vacation Plans Could Tip Robbers Off

The website ( gained a ton of media attention simply because it scooped up all of the public tweets, check-ins and status updates of people mentioning that they were away from home and posted them online.

When the website was showing actual real-time updates, it was staggering. It was a constant stream of people over-sharing online and an excellent eye-opener for the average person. All it takes is opening your social network up to one acquaintance – that person you met once at a party, that friend of a friend – and you could be opening yourself up to being robbed.

Do you use a geo-locator (Facebook places, Foursquare, etc) and have it share your address online, Tweet how great the beach is in Aruba, mention that you are planning a trip to Disney for spring break?

All of these status updates alert those in your social network that…

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