Got A New Smartphone, iPod, Xbox or Laptop? Is It Hacker, Virus, and Theft Safe?

The Cybermum India household is all agog with excitement, for yours truly has FINALLY relented and given in to the unanimous coaxing of the household to buy a smartphone. Sample the arguments I faced. “These are quite affordable these days, you know,” said the geek. (Round One to kiddos-they know my weak points)

“Think how helpful it will be when you travel. You will always be in touch with work and check mails. You needn’t lug around your lappy everywhere,” tempted netizen daughter. (Round two also- carrying a laptop is CUMBERSOME).

“And you will be able to tweet continually from wherever you are-giving real-time feedbacks and reports,” masterstroke from the geek. (Round Three to them-and I accept defeat).

I throw up my hands. “OK, OK… I will check out the different models soon.”

“Whoopeee!” cried the geek and added cheekily, “And Mum, while there, check out the gaming console you…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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