10 Quick Tips to Mobile Security

Mobile security is a topic I return to again and again and why not? Considering the proliferation of smartphone among the urban population of India and the demand for the same even in rural outbacks with poor internet connectivity, it is imperative to remind ourselves that along with all the advantages (and there are many) these devices can be sources of danger for users, especially kids. And though we are aware of many of these threats, we may not be aware of ALL of them.

I was reminded of the dangers related to these phones upon reading the McAfee Q4 2011 Threat Report.  Some findings related to mobile malware caught my attention:

Growth in almost all areas of malware and spam declined, with the exception of mobile-based malware Mobile malware rose during the quarter and recorded its busiest year to date Android firmly fixed as the largest target for writers of…

Read the full article at mcafee.com

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