Are You Susceptible to Phishing? Learn How to Stay Safe







This morning I received another of those “You have won a lottery!” mails.

This made me realize that cyber criminals will continue to try baiting unsuspecting net users, and so I should periodically remind my readers to how to stay off the Scammers net. So let’s talk about “Phishing” today.

What is Phishing?

According to McAfee Security Tips, “Phishing are scams that attempt to acquire confidential information such as credit card numbers, personal identity data, and passwords by sending out emails that look like they come from real companies or trusted individuals.”

The common phishing mails usually involve communications regarding the winning of a lottery; the imminent closure of bank account; order confirmation; verification of billing information and return of excess payments made to the tax dept.

Usually scammers send the mails to many victims, whose e-mail ids they might have harvested from…

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