Hactivism – Be Alert But Not Alarmed

Last year we decided to bite the bullet, max out the credit cards and take our kids to the US. We had such a fantastic time: Disneyworld and Harry Potter world in Orlando, the Smithsonian in Washington, Hollywood and the walking zombies in New York.

Yes, walking zombies. We were in New York when the Occupy Wall Street protests were in full throttle.

As we walked from the Staten Island ferry to the Empire State Building, the pulsating group of Occupy Protestors were always there. It was chaos but my kids were completely intrigued! “Why are they dressed up? Who are these zombies?”

I knew about the Occupy movement but as I was simultaneously navigating my way through the mob and Googling, I discovered a whole lot more.

The Occupy movement was assisted by a hacktivist group called Anonymous who took down the New York Stock Exchange’s website in support…

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