Child online? Keep your computer, Smartphone, PSP child-friendly.

That little brat whose sole pleasure used to be dragging toys as he/she followed you around the house has suddenly discovered an amazing world! The world of unlimited opportunities, games, learning, socializing and discovery-the world of magic, the world of Internet!

The internet-age kids are entering the cyber world at progressively younger ages. The level of internet proficiency that their parents might have achieved in their 20s is child’s play to kids by the time they reach their teens. Their fingers fly over the keyboards, they are expert at searching online for games and friends and they can prepare amazing projects with no help from adults at all! According to a survey commissioned by McAfee, 42% of the kids aged between 13-17 years spend 1-2 hours online in a day and what’s more startling is the fact that 64% of 9-12 yr olds are members of social networking sites. My…

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