Is That A Monster in the Garb of an Old Lady Chatting Up Your Child?

We all grew up listening to the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” with emotions which are a mixture of fear mingled with fascination. We wondered how the wolf quietly kept track of her destination, how it didn’t attack her when the woodcutters were present but waited for her in her Grandma’s home, pretending to be the old lady. No wonder the innocent child was truly foxed.

Today, when kids chat with strangers on the net, I remember this story, and draw many parallels from it. We caution kids about the dangers on the road, but don’t prepare them about dangers posed by people online. The online predators can masquerade as harmless people, wean out information from unsuspecting kids and then lure them into their traps. They are the real wolves in Grandma’s garb that we have got to teach our kids to beware of!

My experiences as a Mom…

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