What to Do If Your Child’s E-Mail Account Gets Hacked?

It happens, even to the most cautious of persons. Despite taking umpteen precautions, installing the best of security software and following all the rules, one’s account gets hacked. It may be either because someone got access to the password and started using the id to spread spam or because one had inadvertently clicked on an attachment in a spam mail or the Service Provider faced a data breach. Whatever is the cause, the account is hacked, and one’s details are now accessible for the hacker!

If it happens to be your account, your immediate reaction chain is as follows:

Shock=> disbelief=> concern=>frustration=>anger.

You curse under your breath and sit down to set matters right. But what IF the account is that of your child’s? If you are anything like me, this is when fear hits the roof. I’d immediately start imagining the worst. I would literally see crooks reading…

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