What Can You Do To Keep Your Teen Safe Online?

The recent ‘Secret Life of Teens’ research results definitely provided Aussie parents with a wakeup call! While 80% of parents trust their kids not to access age inappropriate content, 67% of our teens admit their parents don’t know everything they do online! And with over 30% of teens admitting to pirating and 6% admitting to meeting up with a stranger that had met online, the alarm bells are blaring!

When I spoke to my teenage sons about some of the statistics, you would of course be able to predict their responses:

‘No-one I know does that’.

‘I am fine, I get it’.

‘Don’t worry. I am not going to do anything stupid’.

I’ve got it covered!’

And while I don’t doubt them for a minute(!) I am also very aware that they are physically not yet able to truly understand the concept of risk – that doesn’t…

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