Are You a Peeper? I’ll Admit It. I’m a Peeper.

A survey conducted by Intel Corporation and TNS found that 46% of US vacationers say their biggest pet peeve about traveling with their mobile devices relates to the security of the device that could potentially compromising their personal information.

I hear ya! One doesn’t get to platinum frequent flyer status by sitting at home watching American Idol. And when I fly, I like to see what other travelers have on their laptop screens so I can point out the lack of security, especially of those who should know better.

So it comes as no surprise to me that 29% of travelers have caught someone peeping at their screen. “Peeping-techs” are one of the top pet peeves for travelers. Half of American travelers (49%) admit getting annoyed when the behaviors of others compromise their traveling comfort and security, including screen glancing.

Despite “peeping-techs” being an annoyance when it happens to us,…

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