Genuine or Scam? Learn the Tell-tale Signs & Teach Your Kids

We all know about Scams, right? According to Wikipedia, ‘Scam is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual through email’. So we are absolutely clear that these are unsolicited e-mails that are sent by cyber crooks to get our personal details like name, birthday, bank account number, passwords, credit card numbers etc. In other words, a scammer’s sole intention is to defraud or con the receiver.

The content of these mails are typically “too good to give a miss” type. They offer tempting discounts; unbelievably low prices; quick get-rich schemes, or dating services for almost free! Some of the offers are so good that it’s hard to resist them. Often, despite our awareness of scams, we are lured into the trap thinking, “OK. Let’s see what it entails. After all, I am aware of such scams and will not fall into the trap. What if…

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