Internet Security Isn’t Getting Any Prettier

Malicious software (malware) is, in many ways, very well understood. Security experts know how it works and why. Cybercriminals’ motivations are pretty straightforward—making money from malware and related attacks.

In the latest McAfee Threats Report: Q3 2012 , malware is still growing and while it’s not growing quite as fast as it was in previous quarters, the amount of malware still topped 100 million samples.

Besides the large growth in mobile malware , there has also been an increase in the tactics that cybercriminals are using to attack you. Some of these techniques include:

Autorun Malware
AutoRun (also known as AutoPlay) is a feature in Windows systems that dictates what action the system should take when a device is connected to your PC. So when you connect your USB drive or insert a DVD into your drive, AutoRun is what will automatically open or in some cases play what is on…

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