US Teens Are Up to No Good Online Compared to European Teens – McAfee Study Reveals

Teens are spending more and more time online these days and while the Internet offers a variety of benefits it can also serve as a dangerous space –and not just in America. According to McAfee’s Exploring the Digital Divide study that examines teen online behavior, teens oversees and in the US are continually finding ways to hide their online activity from their parents and are vulnerable to committing such acts as cheating and cyber bullying.

Specifically, the study has uncovered that US teens access inappropriate content online, cheat using their mobile devices, and know how to hide what they do from their parents online more than teens do in European countries including the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France.

Key Findings from the Study include:

Nude Images and Pornography:

32% of US teens admit to intentionally searching for nude images or pornography online when asked. 25% of…

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