Secret Lives of Indian Teens- A McAfee Survey

So where’s your daughter?”

Oh, she is in her room, on the net,” replied the indulgent Mother. “These kids have to share everything with their friends immediately. She wants to share the news about our imminent trip abroad.”

Wow! That is good news indeed! But hope she is careful when she is sharing such news online with everyone. Do you know all her online friends?”

“Err not all of them…”

Is she only on Facebook, or does she network on MySpace, Google+ or Orkut too?”

“Not sure…”

“Not sure?!!??”

Alright, alright don’t panic. There are many sailing in the same boat —parents like you who are very protective of their kids, share a wonderful rapport with them and enjoy their confidence and yet are not aware of all the aspects of their teens’ cyber life. Many are also overwhelmed by technology and hence can only pray for the safety of…

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