Get Smart─Lock Down Your Apps

Apps are what make smartphones smart. Without apps, smartphones would just be regular feature phones. Apps are what make our smartphones into our most personal computers. And like our computers, we need to protect our smartphones and apps.

Some of the most commonly used apps on the Android platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail don’t require a log in each time they’re launched, which is convenient, but from a security standpoint, not smart.

In my world I have these 2 little gremlins that constantly pick at me for my mobile so they can play games.  But they access different applications and my Facebook status can become “Fubawa%^!aaaaasd;ohjvdasBLADOFIN.” And I look like I’m 4-years old or crazy─definitely, not smart.

And what about this scenario? You hand your smartphone to a buddy to show him some pictures and then your phone gets passed around the table and then it eventually makes…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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