Getting Down With The Kids – Internet Slang for Dummies!

Whenever my boys come home with a new buzz word or saying, I instantly feel like a dinosaur.

Whether it is ‘noob’ or ‘epic fail’ (all said with a huge dose of attitude!) the linguistic chasm between us just seems to get wider.

But when it comes to kids’ online vocab, I am a big believer in developing a full understanding! As parents it is our job to protect our kids both online and offline. So ensuring you have a full understanding of what your kids are doing and saying online is imperative.

It is no secret that kids are using a complex series of acronyms to communicate with each other online. So, in the interests of fostering a greater understanding (and ensuring you have a bit of ‘tech cred’), here is a list of the most commonly used slang and its meaning:

LOL – Laugh Out Loud (not lots…

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