Look Out! Here Comes the Cyber Crook Man with His Gifts of Christmas Scams And Spams

Every year, millions of people await the end of year festivities and holidays with great enthusiasm and expectations. As the days to Thanksgiving become numbered, the holiday mood rises and people look forward to the year-end and go about their tasks with barely-controlled impatience. And why not- for ‘Tis the time to relax and be merry, to share, to get presents for your loved ones, to strengthen family bonds. What most kids look forward to is, without any doubt, the Christmas gifts Santa will be bringing them!

There has been a major shift in these gifts over the decades. From dolls and cars; board games and baseball sets- the popular demand has swayed towards electronic gadgets. Today kids look forward to receiving the latest versions of the Playstation, Wii, Nintendo, Xbox, iPod, iPad or a smartphone. They are very conversant with the computer, the touchscreen and the Internet and enjoy…

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