Oops – Have You Forgotten to Secure Your Devices?

Isn’t Christmas and the school holidays a whirlwind? Between holiday ‘catch-ups’, the very intense family schedule and New Year’s celebrations, it can be a wonderful yet often exhausting time. Sometime it is hard to find a moment to think!

But now school has begun and the dust has settled. Phew! So, I have to ask – did Santa bring you or your children any new devices? Perhaps he popped a new laptop, tablet, smartphone or Xbox under the tree.

Well, if you are the lucky owner of a flash device it is SO important to remember that the first step in enjoying your tablet or smartphone is to protect it. Yes – cyber scrooges do exist and spend much time and effort designing malicious software (malware) that can steal your personal information. Apologies for ruining your post-holiday high!

However, if you spend some time protecting your devices, you can keep…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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