Online Safety for Kids – The App Your Kids are Using Now: Snapchat

The #1 question asked by parents when I present for McAfee’s Online Safety for Kids program, is “Where do I go to find out information about what my kids are doing online?” It’s no secret that kids (especially teenagers) can be less than forthcoming about their online behavior. That’s where I come in. I have two tween/teen sisters, and since I’m not the mom, I am privy to their online behavior. Given my background in tech and my front row view to real world, right now tween/teen behavior, I have a lot to say when it comes to keeping kids safe online, and I am incredibly excited to share it with you.

The online world, while amazing, is a scary place. Recently I was presenting at a local school where a third grade girl raised her hand and told the crowd of 300+ that she had been solicited and cyber…

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