Women Online-Are You Aware of Your Cyber Environment?

On the occasion of  ‘International Women’s Day‘ I have a cyber safety message for all you women.

Take a moment, girls, to think about your cyber life. I know you all are net savvy, smart and independent women, but even the best of us can develop “blind spots” when we fail to take note of the implication of certain actions or words. I don’t want to advise you, but would rather that you think on these following points:

  Don’t be overconfident: OK, so you might not be very net savvy. You are well aware of the dangers in the cyber world and take adequate measures to protect your privacy and data. But does anyone know anything about the new friendships you have forged online, the funky groups you have joined or that cool guy you like chatting with when you feel low? Do you keep your Parents/Husband/friend informed about…

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