Four Types of Parents

When Online Safety Expert Taylor Tompkins and I speak with parents about how to keep their kids safe online we encounter these four types of parents.  Which one are you?

Type 1:  Hopeless hapless  we are doomed!!!!!

Defining traits:

Overrun, intimidated “My kid has found out how to stream illegal movies from our home computer to our home TV and I have no idea how he does it or how to stop it” Their 4th grade kid asks “Should I use a Linux box….because I built my own.”

Pros:  um..?

Cons:  They can likely become a door mat for their tech-savvy kid

Type 2:  Still in the fight, my kids know more than me, but I’m trying to do it right

Defining traits:

Their kids have Instagram,  so they follow them Their kid has an iPhone, but charges in public area at night Put parental restrictions in place on iPhone…

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