OMG UR A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cyber Bullying 101 for Parents)

Have you been bullied lately? Probably not, but to get you in the right mindset, think about your commute this morning, and that car that cut you off… Feel it now? That’s what it feels like for your kids when they get bullied, online, anonymously.

Imagine that driver posts online about cutting you off, mocking the kind of car you drive, its color, or maybe that it needs a wash. They take it a step further, start talking about the way you drive, your hair color, your weight, your skin, and then, hundreds of followers, start commenting, and agree “What a total LOSER” “They are SO  fat, ugly, and stupid”.

You’re an adult. You can probably handle this type of criticism from strangers, because you know who you are. You have the life skills and experience to adequately shrug off this type of behavior.

If you’re 11, you don’t have…

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