The Annual Social Media Clean-Up

My four boys detest cleaning up. The groans, grunts and comments come thick and fast:

“No-one else’s mother makes them clean up like you do”.

“I’m sure the UN would consider this illegal – it’s forced child labour”.

Well, too bad boys – clean-ups are here to stay!!

But with school holidays just a few weeks away, I am preparing a different style of clean-up for my oldest two boys – a social media clean up!

I am a big believer in regularly taking the time to go through your social media profiles with a fine tooth comb. I can’t stress enough how important it is to manage your profile. The photos we are tagged in, the comments we make, the pages we like and the groups we follow all form a part of our digital reputation. Your digital reputation shapes how you’re perceived by others both online and offline,…

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