The Wave of Regret and the App Your Kids are Using Now: Instagram

We call it ‘The Wave of Regret’. This term, coined by my Online Safety for Kids partner, Peter Andrada, defines a movement we predict will happen in the near future where content shared by kids on social media applications will come to life and change their future permanently.

We’ve all done things in our youth that shaped who we have become as adults. We have all been in a sticky situation here and there where we have come out on the other side a little tougher, a little stronger, and a whole lot smarter. The difference between our childhoods and the childhoods of kids today, is that our less than shining moments weren’t documented for anyone we allowed to ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ us to see. They were not ‘tweeted’, ‘facebooked’, or ‘instagrammed’. Our moments, while forever etched in our memories, were just that. In our memories. Today, passing thoughts are tweeted,…

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