Trouble, Trouble, Trouble – The App Your Kids are Using Now:

It’s a familiar story. 7th grader has a birthday party, can only invite 5 friends, pictures of said birthday party are posted on Instagram, the next thing you know, anyone not invited to the party is upset, parents are calling, asking why their child wasn’t invited, groups are formed at school, each one taking a side… before you can finish singing ‘Happy Birthday’, a simple celebration has caused so much drama you are left wondering why you threw the party in the first place.

Middle school kids are notoriously unkind. It’s probably hard to pinpoint the exact day when your angel of a 6th grader turned the corner and started calling you ‘Mom’ vs ‘Mommy’, and maybe they have started to roll their eyes so many times you wonder if they’ve developed a tick. Perhaps they come home one day from school, crying because Liz doesn’t want to be their…

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